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 Insider Rewards

Membership FREE with email
$5/$10 off 1.00 per point must reach 50 points to redeem
2x points on DAY of Birthday
Rewards Points expire 60 days after First day of Purchase/Receiving Reward
1 Free Customer Make Over
1 Free Merle Norman Facial per Month


 VIP Insider Rewards

Must spend $400 (yearly)
Free Access to Basic Free Insider Rewards w/email
1.25 points per $1.00 spent
2x points on DAY of Birthday
Free shipping
1 Free Beauty Class
2 FREE Seasonal Make overs
Reward Points never expire
2 free Merle Norman Facials each Month


 VIP Platinum Insider Rewards

Must Spend $1000 (yearly)
Free Access to Insider Rewards w/email
Free bday gift
2x points in Birthday MONTH
Free shipping
4 Seasonal Customer Make Overs
Seasonal Exclusives & Discounts
Free Beauty Classes
Points never expire
4 FREE Merle Norman Facials a Month